Development Roadmap

August 18, 2019 11:53 AM

Trucky Events will change slighly in next months, although we shipped already a lot of nice and useful features for event organisers, we want to go futher.

Below a sneak peak about what we will deliver to you!

Staff permissions

Using the roles and applications feature, event organiser will able to define special permissions for staff people because we know that organize a complete event is an hard and stressful thing and staff work togheter to deliver the best event possibile. 

Maybe there isnt only an event Owner or more than person will work as Convoy Managers or Media\Designer team.

With Staff Permissions, every Event Role will have a special permissions set to manage what he have to do for accomplish his duties inside the team.


Monitoring how the event is performing is one of the important thing, to know if need to do some special actions on Social Media or a new advertisting campaign to promote more the event.

With Statistics feature, Event owners will know about event page views, how it perform in the days, to understand if the event has the right visibility and page visits. 


Discord is one of the primary communication channel for Event teams, and it's important to being always informed about what happens on the event page, like applications, slots booking or event if a user is signing in for the participation.

Using the power of Discord Webhooks, Event Teams will receive notifications directly on their Discord channel.


We know that events are done for the communities and there are negatives and positive feedbacks from it, as in all Internet things, people talk about it!

With Feedback System, users could leave a feedback to the event, both negative or positive and Event Owners will able to reply to them. 

For Events running over the years, feedbacks on previous editions are really important.

Interactive Map

We want to integrate the Trucky Map in Trucky Events lettng event organisers define the event map and saving markers on important locations with comments and additional informations to deliver the best interactive map users can need to participate to the event and know all relevant informations without having surprises.


To help event organiser and Convoy Manager people, there will be also a feature to upload savegames.