EU SIM 3 salzburg

1 Year Global Cargo

10 august 2020 -10 august 2021

Times flies when you're having fun. We still remember the moment we decided and setted a date for the opening of Global Cargo as yesterday and now i am already working on the 1 year event. (also our Convoy control is turning 1 year)


1 year global cargo

wat did we accomplished in 1 year:

  • A own system to log jobs and events ( Trucksweb )
  • A in house made tracker to fill in jobs in our system
  • Almost 200 members (Dutch and International)
  • Been on a lot of community events.
  • And of course a lot more other fun things you can see on our socials or in our discord

But now its time to celebrate our 1 Year with a big big party


Server: Event Server

Date: Saterday 14 august 2021

Meetup time: 17:00 GMT

Start truckfest : 17:10 GMT

Departure time: 18:00 GMT

signup here for the event server

Click here to see the times on your location


On the truckfest we will ofcourse give some prices away for the next categories: (will be announced closer to the convoy)

Parking spot

Parking spot booking can be done by pressing on slots and booking and select the  slot you want.
(minimal attending trucks expected for booking a slot 8)
Not in a vtc or a small vtc no problem you can always join the public parking at the garage


The route will start in Salzburg Austria (Public can park at the garage) en will lead us over some beutiful roads in germany to our destination the Steinbruch quarry near Strasbourg. where will dissmiss our trailers and make some nice images from all the people that celebrated this 1 year with us


Convoy Control, Media and event staff can block roads at junctions to keep the convoy on the right route. All other players can NOT block

Event Staff are allowed to overtake on roads with a central reservation barrier only.

Overtaking the convoy cannot be performed by more than 2 event staff members at a time.

Event Staff can drive the incorrect way in accordance with the rule above

NO free roaming for players exception of Convoy Control, Media and event staff.

All players are to be in trucks, with exception of TMP Moderators.

All other TMP rules apply as usual.

We try to keep this post up-to-date but if you got questions you can always contact us on our friends/event discord

We are looking forward to celebrate this 1 year event with us


Global Cargo

Events Team


Forum post: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/103093-10-august-2021-1-year-global-cargo/

TMP event post:  https://truckersmp.com/events/1464-1-year-global-cargo

VTC Discord : https://discord.gg/GlobalCargo

Event/Friends Discord: https://discord.gg/fc6ee3X

Website: https://www.globalcargovtc.com/

VTC page: https://truckersmp.com/vtc/72

Route #1

From Salzburg
To Strasbourg

Book a slot
16 / 22
6 of 22 slots available

Slot #1
Global Cargo

Slot #2

Slot #3
Prime Logistics

Slot #5
Forza Logistics

Slot #7
Demir Logistics

Slot #8
Red Line Cargo

Slot #10
V&N Transporten

Slot #11
B&Č Transport

Slot #13
Pries Logistics

Slot #14
Viva Trucking

Slot #16
Dash Cargo

Slot #17
Bruijn Logistics

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