[30th June 2020] Hilaria Group S.L community event

EU SIM 2 Liège

Hello community and members of Hilaria Group S.L

We invite everyone to join our community event
This event will take place on 30/06/2020, [Tuesday]. We will look forward to your participation!


 Convoy details 


Start Time: 18:00 | CEST

End Time: 19:00 | CEST

Starting Location: Liege - ITCC

Destination: Strasbourg - WGCC

DLC: None


 Event Rules  


- Respect speed on the road

- Radio Channel 4

- ¡Follow all TruckersMP rules!

- Trailer is required (no mini, double or triple allowed)

- Must follow all TruckersMP rules.

- Must follow pilot cars instructions at all times.

- Only pilot cars can overtake and use Beacons.

- No advertisements are allowed during the event.

- No microphone abuse during the event.

- Only event staff can use cars.


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