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2020 was a long year, wasn't it? Faced with so many events, whether good or bad, here we're for another ALLIANCE Convoy whose theme in December will be called Christmas Convoy, christmas is a typical holiday that takes place on the 24th and 25th of December. "Oh, christmas! Day of celebrations, fraternity, solidarity, day of exchanging gifts, eating french toast and panettone... 😁". This date is the centerpiece of the new year parties and the holiday season \o/ (bosses, don't forget our holidays huh!), although traditionally it's a christian festival, the christmas holiday is celebrated by many "non-christians" and the popular, modern and typical christmas customs, include the exchange of gifts and cards, christmas dinner, christmas music, parties, a special meal and the display of different decorations (christmas trees, flashes-flats and garlands, cribs and miscellaneous).

And it will be in this rhythm of special celebrations for the end of the year that ALLIANCE will bring on December 13, 2020, another public event! We're going to visit one of the most beautiful countries on the European continent, Germany. Everyone is invited to participate with us and socialize in an event that promises to be sensational, so prepare your christmas tr... ops, your truck and come and enjoy christmas with ALLIANCE 🎄🎅🏽.

We emphasize that the event will be organized in the Brazilian Portuguese language and due to the limitations of our team, support for other languages ​​is not guaranteed, however, this does not prevent any person from participating and having fun with us, therefore, everyone are welcome and any questions regarding the event should be asked in advance on the help channels of our Discord server that you can access it clicking here.

How will the event take place?

The ALLIANCE Convoy will consist of a stipulated period for the meeting (concentration) and all players must position themselves in their in non-collision areas (e.g.: companies, service station, hotels, recruitment agencies and others) and later it will be the only and essential moment to configure your game properly with your vehicle and trailer, and when everything is ready, feel free to interact and meet the other participants. Then (departure), we will start the event and go to the exit phase where we will carry out the release of all VTCs and successively the public to proceed towards our destination.

At the destination, we will start the event closing process starting with the parking of the VTCs and players in their proper places, the media team will carry out its work with all the participants, there will be the final speech with the final acknowledgments led by one or more members of our team and later we will leave a space for any player to feel free to say something about the event, whether from praise, constructive criticism, suggestions and miscellaneous.

Therefore, this is the standard for ALLIANCE Convoy, in short, it's a more traditional event in order to meet monthly with everyone who follows our work, whether internal or external.

Attendance List (RSVP):

In order to ensure and offer the best quality and safety during our event, it's necessary that all players, VTCs and communities interested in participating, sign their names until we reach the total amount of 50 signatures on the 30th of November 2020. If by any chance we don't get the amount stipulated by TruckersMP within the period mentioned above, unfortunately we will not be able to open a reserved server request for an event since ALLIANCE as the event organizer has 14 days in advance to request a reserved server and dedicated to events with all the requirements imposed by TruckersMP.

We emphasize that if you don't know how to sign your name on our presence list, you can watch our tutorial by clicking here or entering our Discord server by clicking here and accessing the support areas. Therefore, if we're unable to get a reserved server, ALLIANCE will hold its event on the server defined as reserve and/or secondary.

For more information about the event, access the following posts separated by languages:

Rules Notice:

  • Brazilian Portuguese: Coming soon.
  • English: Coming soon.
  • Spanish: Coming soon.


Route #1

From Dresden
To Nürnberg

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