Allan Parks Memorial Convoy

US SIM Bakersfield





Dear fellow virtual truckers, Pegasus Logistics is proud to host a memorial drive in Allan Parks' honour, the late grandfather of our friend and Dispatcher, Dave K. (Urbn#9528). Please join us on Sunday, April 11th, 2021 as we drive in tribute to his life and legacy.

Tuesday, April 13th would mark my grandfathers 80th birthday, sadly he passed away on November 4th, 2020, after developing an inoperable brain-bleed.

He was the kind of soul who would give the shirt off his back. Way back when he was just a young man in rural Alberta, he started his farm where he raised cows, chickens, and pigs.

He spent many years working at the United Farmers outfit in Athabasca, Alberta, making a large enough impact that the entire community became familiar with him and his entire family.

As a young child, up until his passing, I spent many summers on the farm along side him, where he taught me how to farm and work on equipment. This inspired me to pursue my passion of mechanics. He was a humbled but strong man who would not say how much his family meant to him… I suppose having 13 brothers and sisters does that to you.

He is survived by his wife Edith, his daughters Rene and Holly, his grandchildren David, Jamie, Cody, Ryland, Emily, and Kara, his great-grandchildren Matthew, Kaitlyn, and Nevan.

It is important to me to do this so that I can let him know how much he has impacted my life and how much I miss him everyday. I appreciate everyone coming out and showing their support.

- Dave K.


Sunday, April 11, 2021

Meet | Departure
14:00 MT | 15:00 MT

[US] Simulation

Bakersfield, CA | Field off the 5

Seattle, WA | Port of Seattle (reception)



We will depart from Bakersfield, CA (empty field at the I-5 and Route 58 interchange), en-route to Seattle, WA via I-5 in a precession style convoy. All attendees are encouraged to drive black or dark coloured trucks, this is not mandatory but appreciated. Please haul either a boat (as Mr. Parks was an avid fisherman), farming equipment (no heavy hauls, no doubles, or triples), or an empty flat deck trailer.

This is a special public event; everyone is welcome to join. Upon arrival to the meeting location noted above, you will be directed where to stage by one of our staff. Radio silence must be observed during certain times, this will be announced, please respect management. All communication (other than staff) must use public CB channel 19.

Pilot vehicles will be used, please follow the truck in-front of you. You may pass when safe to do so. Please attempt to fill any gaps safely.

"Want to go fishing?"
- Allan Parks


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From Bakersfield, California
To Seattle, Washington

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