Allegiant Cannonball Run

EU ARC PlymouthStokes, Plymouth

On the 27th June 2020 we are to be holding our very first Cannonball Run which will be a race from one destination to another.

The event will most likely be hosted on the arcade server where it is a lot quieter on the roads as we really don't need to be racing around on populated roads what so ever and this in turn will make it easier to manage as there will be pilots positioned at various points on the map directing the participants on which way they are to go.

For this event we will be doing a race from Plymouth via the followiung coastal towns & Cities -

Route 1 -

Plymouth > Southampton

Via - A38, A30, A35, A31 > Into Southampton > Exiting Southampton & joining onto the N27.

Route 2 -

Southampton > Dover

From the N27 via > A27, A259, A20 > Into Dover & exiting on the A2.

Route 3 -

Dover > Felixstowe

Taking the M2 heading north east bound > M25, A12 > Bypassing Felixstowe

Route 4 -

Felixstowe > Grimsby
Via > A14, A1 > Exiting A1 for Grimsby & head into Grimsby

Route 5 -

Grimsby > Newcastle
Via > A180, A15, A1 > & Into Newcastle (Can have a break here if needed)

Route 6 -

Newcastle > Edinburgh

Via > A1, A696, A68 > & Into Edinburgh

Finish -

Edinburgh > Aberdeen 
Via > A720, M90 > Branching off for Aberdeen where we will finish at Stokes


Date - 27th June 2020
Advised meet time - 14 00 BST / 15 00 CEST
Event starts - 14 30 / 15 30 BST / CEST

Server  - Arcade
Meet Location - Stokes, Plymoith
Destination - Stokes, Aberdeen
Trailers required? - Optional 
Cars allowed? - Optional 
Event control? - Yes depending on numbers
Communications server? - TMP Discord server

Public or private event? - Public 

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Edit -
This event will now be run on the Arcade server instead of Sim 2.

Route #1

From Plymouth
To Aberdeen

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