Bharatiya Truckers June Public Convoy

EU SIM 1 glas Plymouth

Hello Truckers. Hope you are doing well. We are organizing our first public convoy on 13th June, 2021 in simulation 1 server. We would like to request you to
participate in this convoy and trucking together.

Event Details :-

✪ Date: 13 June 2021

✪ Starting point: Glasgow

✪ Destination: Plymouth

✪ Distance: 1116 KMS

✪ Breaks: NONE


✪ Convoy Control: Yes

✪ Server: Simulation 1

✪ Time:
- Meetup Time: 12:00 pm UTC (5:30 pm IST)
- Departure Time: 1:00 pm UTC (6:30 pm IST)

Route #1

From Glasgow
To Plymouth

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