Blue Eyes 2020

Blue Eyes 2020 Calais

Welcome to Blue Eyes 2020
2020's event will be the second year of Blue Eyes.
Here's a bit about Blue Eyes, what we do, and why we do it.

It all began in 2006, I was 3 years old, and the first warning signs start to become apparent.
My parents began to notice that I was struggling to look at books, so much so, I practically had to hold the book to my face to see it.
If it wasn't for my parents "keen vision", the issue would not have been brought to light for many years to come, potentially causing even more damage.
Until that point, there was no way of knowing that I had any form of visual impairment, and had never been looked into, not even thought of.
Starting from a young age, it was slowly looked into and the doctors determined that the natural lens in my right eye was not attached to my eye, leading to minimal sight.
Essentially, I had one eye, but it had only just become apparent at 3 years old.
In that same year, at only 3 years old, my first surgery took place to remove the dislocated lens, but no sight could be restored in the eye. Further investigation down the line showed that the nerve connections were dead, meaning that even if an implant was possible at the time, or even now, it wouldn't work.
Later down the line, in around 2015, the second lens dislocates, the other eye is now in danger, and has to be removed as an emergency operation in London, however this time, an implant is introduced, and trialed. I was one of, if not the first young people to have this type of treatment, and the lens was highly experimental. Luckily, it paid off, and restored somewhat normal vision in my left eye.

2020's Event
More news is still to come, but we can confirm:
- The event will take place on the 5th of September
- The event will be on a dedicated event server
- The event is scheduled to be 24 hours in length
- The event will take place on ProMods

More news to come.

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