charity event for Alzheimer's society

EU SIM 2 Port of Calais

This event is for the alzheimers society it is something very close to my heart if u dont have all the dlcs you are still welcome to join in up to the maps you have we dont want people with double trailers or triple we want this event to be successful so we can do more events please follow all tmp rules and our rules in discord we dont want no overtaking we will be streaming please follow the convoy staff if any off these routes you want to take let me know in discord you dont have to stay for the 6 hours you can just join in on our stops

channel will be cb 19 standard

 Destination there is 5 routes

1st: port of calais to nantes
2nd: nantes to verona
3rd: verona to warsaw

4th: warsaw to szentptravar

5th szentptravar to bergen

we hope to see you all there thank you very much

quick update simulator radio vtc is joining in the event 

tommorow guys we will be leaving at 9:00 am gmt 

no snow mod please

Required DLCs: Going East!, Scandinavia, Vive la France !, Italia, Beyond the Baltic Sea, Road to Black Sea
Route #1

From port of calais
To nantes

Route #2

From nantes
To verona

Route #3

From verona
To warsaw

Route #4

From warsaw
To szentetarvar

Route #5

From szentetarvar
To bergen

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