CHN C.V.T VTC Half Anniversary Convoy

C.V.T Half Anniversary Convoy Kassel Dover

Welcome to the CHN C.V.T VTC Half Anniversary Convoy!

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Hello everyone in the community. If you attend our full moon event on Oct 8, 2020.
Then you must miss our activity very much. We are very honored to tell you: our VTC has been launched for half a year.
Our event was a great success, and more than 300 players joined us. So we will hold our half anniversary convoy. Welcome you to join us!


Date: Dec 25, 2020 (2020/12/25)

Assembly Time: UTC12:00AM (Alternative Timezones)
Convoy Departure: UTC12:30AM (Alternative Timezones)

Route: Kassel to Dover
Server: C.V.T Half Anniversary Convoy

We provide slot booking for the Public VTC: Route A

Route A

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Enjoy activities!

Route #1

From Kassel
To Dover

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