Christmas Convoy 2020

Christmass Convoy 2020 Port of Calais

Hello Truckers!
We invite you to attend on our convoy on December 27th, which has 3 routes and we are celebrating the Christmass. We will go from Calais to Mannheim, then we will go to Budapest, and we will finish in Travemünde.
Server: Christmass Convoy 2020
Time: 12:00 GMT+1
Date: 27.12.2020
DLCs needed: Going East
Starting location: Calais, Port
Destination: Travemünde
Slots: You can see it on discord.

Server Rules:
❅You must respect everyone in Christmass Convoy 2020
❅You must always follow Event Staff instructions.
❅No Offensive Usernames of any sort
❅Try to avoid overtaking, if the person in front of you is lagging badly, let him know.
❅No Profanity/Insults in game
❅No Ramming, Blocking or trolling
❅No VTC/Company advertisement, without Event Manager/Owner´s permission
❅Keep distance between trucks 70m-120m
❅If there is a gap, you must close it
❅Event Staff´s can block, overtake and spam in the chat
❅Enjoy the convoy! :)

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