Community Convoys June Convoy

Community Convoys June Convoy Kristiansand

I know you are all looking forward to the 2nd convoy, so we will tour Scandinavia again with a convoy, this journey will start from Kristiansand and depart to the port of Oslo. I invite you all to meet at Kristiansand harbor at 11.00 UTC!
Community Convoys April Convoy
Start = Kristiansand Port

Destination = Oslo Port

Game = Euro Truck Simulator 2

Server = Community Convoys June Convoy

Required DLC = Scandinavia
Date : 20th June 2021 (Sunday)

Meet-up Time : UTC 11:00

TruckFest Time : UTC 12:00

Departure Time : UTC 13:00
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TeamAudi VTC
Valtox Logistics
OceanSide Logistics
Team Transport Fr
Demir Logistics
Transinet VTC
Snail Transport VTC
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Required DLCs: Scandinavia
Route #1

From Kristiansand Sea Port
To Oslo Sea Port

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