Courage Convoys

Courage Convoys Berlin (See Discord) Geneva (See Discord)

Courage Convoys - In Aid If The Coronavirus Relief Fund



*Update: all of our slots are filled!*



Brief Overview Of Coronavirus

You may have heard of the new recently emerging virus, originally from China named "Coronavirus" or "COVID-19" or any of its other many names. Hundreds of thousands have died, and millions have been diagnosed with the virus that directly impacts, your airways and lungs, sometimes leading to death and other major health problems such as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. As Doctors and Nurses on the front lines attempt to save lives and researches search for a cure there is not much the general public can do other than self-isolate, and follow Government guidelines for your country. Even if we do not have a major impact on the fund, donating as much as we can is what we aim to do.

Brief Overview To Courage Convoys

Ran by 4 Truckers.FM presenters, majorly passionate about trucking, and helping the community, Courage Convoys is going to be an amazing experience for all and we want you to experience that. Please use the attached links to find out more about our event.


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