Czech Transit Net | 3 Years Anniversary Convoy

EU SIM 2 Berlin

Hello dear friends,
Czech Transit Net is pleased to invite you on our first International Convoy, this 11.12.2021, on a TMP Event server! This Convoy is Anniversary of our company, we are celebrating 3 Years!

Please accept your partipation primary here:
Because when we have more than 100 participants, we can request for Event Server! 


Convoy Informations:
Date: 11.12. 2021
Time: 15:00 UTC >>
Server: Simulation 2 or Event Server (when we have more than 100 participants)
Departure: Berlin (City, slots)
Break: /
Destination: Hanover (Quarry, slots)

Convoy Route:

Participants Rules in Convoy

Overtaking is prohibited.
The use of beacons is prohibited (except Event Staff).
Advertising without permission is forbidden.
Trucks and Cars without trailers are prohibited (except Event Staff).
Free Roaming is not allowed on the event server at all times.
Keep safety distance from 80m - 150m, between each vehicle!
The instructions given by the Event Staff during the convoy must be followed.
Reservation parking spaces are available on our discord. If you do not make a reservation, please go to the Public parking slot.
All other TruckersMP Rules apply,

If you have any questions, feel free to ask on our official discord server, which you have in the links below.


Event Staff:
1) FamousPerson - Event Owner | TMP Profile Link
2) Venda_CZ - Event Manager | TMP Profile Link
3) Dante123 - Event Helper | TMP Profile Link
4) Adameek - Event Helper | TMP Profile Link
5) Krystofus - Event Helper | TMP Profile Link


TruckersMP VTC
Trucksbook VTC

Book your slots on our Discord Server! | Request for Partnerships >>
We hope to see you there!

Note: We are looking for Event Team!

Route #1

From Berlin (City, slots)
To Hanover (Quarry, slots)

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