Dokdo's Day - KOREA

Dokdo's Day - KOREA Berlin Port of Calais

Dokdo is a beautiful Korean island. also, Dokdo was made as of 89 islets and reefs. To celebrate Dokdo's Day, the Korean territory, We decided to hold a convoy.


- Temp Rules -

Do not Overtaking opposite side

 § The event prohibits overtaking according to the purpose of the event. Overtaking is restricted to prevent accidents caused by overtaking in advance. Only Event Staff and Supervisor (Event Organizer) can be doing.
Do not Blocking on the road

 § All players except those who are excluded cannot block the road. Event Staff can do due to guide right route and way.
Follow the control of the Event Staff.

 § Event Staff control the TruckFest and Convoy. especially, Please follow the control of CC and Event Organizer's control. they will be guide the right route. 
Do not Impersonating Event Staff

 § Do not Impersonate any of the Event Staff. 

Event Staff Display

 § Convoy Control : Dokdo | CC

 § Media Team : Dokdo | MT

 § Supporting - Game Mod : Dokdo | GM

 § Event Organizer : Dokdo | EO



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