Eire Agri Haulage 2nd Anniversary Convoy

Eire Agri 2nd Anniversary Glasgow

Eire Agri Haulage are celebrating two years on the road, and we want you all to join us for a special convoy to celebrate. The convoy takes place on Saturday 23rd January, starting off with a Truckfest @6pm, then the convoy will depart at 7pm. Truckfest takes place in Glasgow, then we depart for a convoy to Ireland which will finish at the port in Wexford. Spread the word, all are invited, hope to see you all there.

Convoy Control provided by Convoy Security Group VTC. If you have an event coming up and require a convoy/event service, checkout there website for information on how to hire them.

Required DLCs: Going East!, Scandinavia, Vive la France !, Italia, Beyond the Baltic Sea, Road to Black Sea, Promods
Route #1

From Glasgow
To Wexford

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