Forestry Themed truck show

US SIM Merritt British Columbia

Location: Merritt BC Canada 97C near the deepgrove postponed from this saturday to next saturday 

All Compaines attending must show up with everyone ready to go because once judging starts all late comers not be counted 

Please understand this our first time hosting bare with us we will do our best keep the parking flow going  

9 axle lowboys are allowed but understand if there are alot of people already there  we may have a hard time but the area we have choosen there is alot of room to adjust.  


-Please do your best to not block the road going  into the deep grove or coastal minning entrance

 -Please switch CB to channel 18 if you are partaking in the truck show that is the channel we will be using to park people  

Judging time:

5pm pst

8pm est

7pm cst

12 AUST time  

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