[BR] OFFICIAL GCEE CONVOY Bratislava Rostock

 â–¬â–¬â–¬â–¬    ðŸ”´ Welcome to the GCEE CONVOY! 🔴    â–¬â–¬â–¬â–¬

🔴 GCEE Convoy Information 🔴
• Starting Location: Bratislava
• Destination: Rostock
• DLC: None
• Route: https://i.imgur.com/C2jfv9O.png
• Timezone: https://notime.zone/MHIcCGEC-jyUs
• Time: 8:00 pm (UTC - 3)
🔴 GCEE Convoy Rules 🔴


➽ The GCEE events team can be identified in the game by the following player-tags: GCEE | Manager; GCEE | Lead; GCEE | Tail; GCEE | CC and GCEE | Media

➽ Follow TruckersMP rules

➽ Event staff are exempt from rules marked with an Asterisk (*)

➽ The event team's instructions should be followed without any hesitation. If you ignore the event team, this may result in a server kick.

➽ The Team of GMs that are part of the GCEE Group can use the Convoy-time Ads system

➽ Any attempt to interrupt the event is considered trolling, and the normal procedure will be performed by the game moderators.*

➽ It is not allowed to hit and/or block. (Note, the event team is exempt from blocking.)

➽ All participants must exit according to the event team's instructions. This will be announced by the game's ad system by gaming moderators.

➽ The maximum weight of the trailers is 25 tonnes. Any heavier is not allowed and you will be kicked.

➽ We ask you keep at least 70-100 Metres from the truck in front and the truck behind you.

➽ Do not advertise your VTC while at the event

➽ All guests must have a truck and a trailer, only the events team and the train control can be with Skoda

➽ Driving the incorrect way is only permitted for Event Staff

➽ Blocking the intersections is only permitted for Event Staff.

➽ Overtaking is only permitted for Event Staff

➽ Event staff are allowed to block the left lane to prevent other people from overtaking.

➽ Driving the incorrect way is only permitted for Event Staff

➽ No beacons (Only event staff can use beacons)

➽ No mods (This is to reduce crashes and lags)

➽ Please RESPECT all participants in the event.

➽ Prohibited the Use of Loads such as Heavy Cargo or Triple Trailer, in order to avoid delays during the convoy (Double Trailers is allowed).

➽ The Server will be intended for the Realization of the Convoy on the route that was previously posted, if it finds players outside the convoy it will be kicked from the Server.

➽ The moderating team can kick any participant who comes at the beginning or the end in order to prevent (putting your vehicle or cargo in front of a VTC) the media team from taking pictures of the companies.

➽ Respect radio and chat communication, provocation or the like is forbidden

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