Geneva motor show, trucking special!

EU SIM 2 Erfurt - Euroacres

This week we’ll be doing something special I want to ask everyone to show up in there most unique truck/trailer combination because this week’s convoy will also be a competition. [Allegiant]Dankleberg and [Allegiant]Sully will be the judges and the best looking truck will win.

The award? When you win this event you will earn a Discord role that says “winner of GMST 2020” There are two rules 1. No hacking/Modding (save edit is okay) 2. The truck has to be working and you have to be able to pull a cargo trailer (doesn’t have to be an owned trailer) Get creative guys, and good luck!

Date – Wed. 29th of April 2020

Advised meet time - 19:10 BST / 20:10 CEST

Convoy / event starts at – 19:30 BST / 20:30 CEST

Meet location – eAcres, Erfurt (DE)

Destination – Tree-Et, Geneva (CH)

Server – SIM 2 
Discord -

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