Global Cargo - Prostate Cancer UK


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On the 11th June I am hosting a charity convoy with Global Cargo. 

Its in aid of Prostate Cancer UK which is close to my heart as a member of my own family has been diagnosed with it. There is millions of people around the world who are diagnosed on a daily basis with cancer in the prostate gland. 


The convoy will depart Sheffield (UK) and finish in Southampton (UK).


  • Server : Event Server
  • Meet up time : 18:00pm BST
  • Departure time : 19:00pm BST


The route is fully base game so there's no need to worry about missing dlc's.


The route takes in a scenic tour of the UK as we head from the heart of the country down to the south coast of England.


There is a donation link for anyone wanting to donate to a truly amazing cause :-


Discord Link :-

Sign Up Link :-

Route #1

From Sheffield
To Southampton

19 / 19
0 of 19 slots available

Slot #1
V&N Transporten

Slot #5
Demir Logistics

Slot #7
Demir Logistics

Slot #8
Dutch Trucking

Slot #9
Global Cargo

Slot #10

Slot #11

Slot #12
T&S Transportation

Slot #13

Slot #16
Dash Cargo

Slot #17
Spark Logistics

Slot #18
Alle Group

Slot #19
Prime Logistics

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