Global Cargo Public ATS October

EU SIM Redding - Bitumen Phoenix - Phoenix Freight

Global Cargo ATS Convoy

Global Cargo is not only driving in ETS but also in ATS So this month we are going to hold our public event in ATS. We will start our drive in Redding, California. From Redding we will drive west and then drive south along the beautiful coast of California. At Santa Maria, we will head east towards Phoenix where the convoy will end. 

Server: ATS simulation 
Date: 15 oktober
Meetup time: 17:30 GMT
Departure time: 18:00 GMT
Start location: redding, Bitumen

Everybody is welcome to join us on this drive! VTC's can book a slot via the Trucky post.

We try to keep this post up-to-date but if you got questions you can always contact us on our friends/event discord

Global Cargo 
events team

Route #1

From redding
To phoenix

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