Global Cargo Public Event Januari

EU SIM 2 Villa San Giovanni Pascara

Hello all,

For the new year to get off on a flyer, Global Cargo is hosting another public convoy. During these colder months, we will invite you in Southern Italy to enjoy the mild climate. The surroundings guarantee breathtaking views, so the convoy will surely be a success. We are departing from Villa San Giovanni, so make sure to find a suitable place to park.

We recommend that you check that your truck is refuelled and undamaged before parking up.

Convoy information: Date: 21/01/2021 (dd-mm-yyyy)
Meetup time: 19:30 CET (GMT+1)
Departure time: 20:00 CET (GMT+1)
Meetup location: Motel, Villa San Giovanni
Game & server: ETS2, Simulation 2
DLC: Italia

Please ensure that you follow all [TruckersMP rules]( as well as the instructions provided in-game by our events staff.
Event post:
VTC page:

Required DLCs: Italia
Route #1

From Villa San Giovanni - hotel
To Pescara s.a.l.s.r.l

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