Global Cargo Public Event March

EU PM Wick - Stein Bruch Aberdeen

Dear Drivers

Its time for our March public event! Everyone from inside & outside the VTC is invited to join us. We have picked a beautiful route that will take us right across Scotland. We will start in the northeast at the left side of Wick in the Stein Bruch company to depart for the famous Scottish Highlands before ending in Aberdeen. Be sure to enjoy the views during this drive, because before you know it you'll be driving past them.

We recommend that you check that your truck is refuelled and undamaged before parking up.

Convoy information: Date: 18/03/2021 (dd-mm-yyyy)
Meetup time: 18:30 GMT
Departure time: 19:00 GMT
Meetup location: Wick, Stein Bruch
Game & server: ETS2, Promods Simulation
DLC: Promods

Please ensure that you follow all TruckersMP rules as well as the instructions provided in-game by our events staff.

And dont forget our big april event in ats together with Trucky (still a few parking slots free) details:

Event post:
VTC page:

Required DLCs: Promods
Route #1

From Wick (Stein bruch)
To Aberdeen (NBFC)

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