Global Cargo Public Event May

EU SIM Idaho Falls Spokane

Hello all,

Its time for our May public event! Everyone from inside & outside the VTC is invited to join us.

This time we going to change from the European roads to the American roads We will Start our drive in Idaho Falls at the biggest truck stop there is in the city so plenty of room for all of you to park up. And when you are all there we will start driving at 18:00 GMT. the route will be 844 Miles it will have some highway but also the smaller roads will be taken end we will end in Spokane.

We recommend that you check that your truck is refuelled and undamaged before parking up.

Convoy information:

Date: 20/05/2021 (dd-mm-yyyy)

Meetup time: 17:30 GMT

Departure time: 18:00 GMT

Meetup location: Idaho Falls, company: biggest truckstop /repair

Game & server: ATS, Simulation

DLC: Oregon and Idaho

Please ensure that you follow all TruckersMP rules as well as the instructions provided in-game by our events staff.



VTC page:

Required DLCs: Oregon, Idaho
Route #1

From Idaho Falls
To Spokane

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