Himalayan Logistics One Year Anniversary

Himalayan One Year Anniversary Lyon

You are Invited!

Himalayan Logistics would like to cordially invite you to Himalayan Logistics One Year Anniversary convoy. 

The convoy will depart at 13:00 UTC on the 10th of July, 2021, the day our company was established a year ago. During the year, Himalayan has grown to over 60 members and attended numerous convoys while organizing over 40 weekly convoys. Departing from Lyon, we will be driving through the northern part of Italy into Switzerland, where we will drive through the curvy Swiss roads and the stunning Swiss Alps whilst driving back towards Lyon. 

We are celebrating our one year anniversary and we will be honored to have your presence in the celebration. I request you to mark your attendance to the event using the button at the top of this post. 


You may book a parking slot for your team if you are five or more attending. A slot can be booked here.

The details of the event has been attached below. Please feel free to contact me or anyone at Himalayan for any queries. 

Himalayan Logistics looks forward to see you at the event!


Himalayan Logistics One Year Anniversary


Date: July 10, 2021 | Saturday

Meetup: 12:00 UTC

Departure: 13:00 UTC 


Start: Lyon | Garage

End: Lyon | Quarry

Distance: 1357 KM

DLC: None

Server: Himalayan One Year Anniversary 


Route: http://bit.ly/himalayan_one_anniversary_route

NoTimeZone: http://bit.ly/himalayan_one_anniversary_local_time

Slots: https://bit.ly/himalayan_one_anniversary_parking_slots

TMP: http://bit.ly/himalayan_one_year_anniversary_tmp

Discord: http://bit.ly/himalayan_discord


Route #1

From Lyon | Garage
To Lyon | Quarry

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