JDT Weekly Convoy

EU SIM 2 Millan - Hotel Clermont-Ferrand - Tradeaux

JDT Weekly Convoy


🚚Server: Simulation 2

📆Date: 24.04.2020

🕓Time: 20:30pm GMT

⏰Depart: 21:00pm GMT

🗺️Meetup: Millan - Hotel

🌎Destination: Clermont Farrand - Tradaux

⚠️DLC: France


If you have nothing to do this Friday be sure to come and join our weekly Convoy! starting from Millan and ending in Clermont Ferrand.




The convoy will be streamed twitch.tv/jamesdgaming


All we ask is to follow the TMP Rules https://truckersmp.com/rules


VTC Staff

jamesdgaming | CEO 

Route #1

From Millan - Hotel
To Clermont Ferrand - Tradeaux

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