LadyBear Trucking Public Convoy

EU ARC Amsterdam Wien

★ Start: Amsterdam (meet spot pic below)
★ Destination: Vienna (Deliver to Stokes)
--> Return trip for those interested!

Cargo: Light Cargo
Speed: Front truck - 90 kmh

Be patient and keep in mind that what someone sees on their screen may be different than what you see on your screen due to high pings, lags, rubber banding. If you get behind please travel faster than 90 kmh to catch up. 

Convoy Rules
* No pilots or bobtails (MUST have trailer).
* No passing unless truck in front of you is not closing gaps.
* Do NOT pass designated Front Truck.
* If speeding pass convoy then stay off tab ahead of us.

In The Bear's Den Discord:
*The Bear's Den discord is adults only.
*Be respectful of streamers in the voice channels.
*Keep it fun and positive.
*Do not raise voice upset at other drivers.
*Be respectful of all other VTC's.

What time is it for you?
(Date may be wrong but time is correct)

The Bears Den Discord:
Join the "Waiting Room" and we will bring you in.

Follow TruckersMP Rules

Lady will be streaming at: 

Meeting here: 

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