Mental Health Convoy 2021

Mental Health Convoy 2021 Catanzaro

Welcome to Mental Health Convoy 2021.


Nexus Transport and the TruckersMP community are proud to be hosting the Mental Health Convoy on the 29th and 30th May 2020.

Join us, as we set off from Catanzaro, Italy on a 24 hour convoy to Aberdeen, Scotland.


We're raising awareness & funding for the children's mental health charity, YoungMinds.

Mental Health affects a good 95% of our population, if not the entire population at some point in our lives.

It's becoming more apparent that children are suffering with mental health conditions that are increasingly getting more and more concerning.


It's time that we, as a community helped to put a stop towards Mental Health, and help put funding towards making life just that little bit easier for our younger generation.


This event itself, isn't just about children, although the YoungMinds charity is dedicated to helping young people, we're aiming to raise awareness to people all over the world, no matter what age, gender, orientation, or background you're from - Mental Health has no specific agenda, it can strike at any point in your life.


If you notice something out of the ordinary, or see someone acting a bit different than normal, ask them if they're okay, you never know you might just make their day.


Event Details


The details for this event are as follows:  

Event Date | 29th & 30th May 2021  

Starting at | 11:00AM BST  

Location | Catanzaro Service Station  

TruckFest starts at | 11:30AM BST  

Departing at | 12:00PM BST  

Routes | Please visit here, or look down below at the "routes" section.   

Finishing Time | 11:00AM BST the following day


Remember, #ItsOkayToTalk


Please give generously.


Thank You

- Mental Health Convoy Management

Route #1

From Catanzaro
To Venice

Route #2

From Venice
To Budapest

Route #3

From Budapest
To Bialystok

Route #4

From Bialystok
To Manntali

Route #5

From Kapelskar
To Rostock

Route #6

From Rostock
To Munich

Route #7

From Munich
To Montpiller

Route #8

From Motpiller
To Roscoff

Route #9

From Plymouth
To Rotterdam

Route #10

From Rotterdam
To Aberdeen

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