Nexus Transport - Monthly Convoy (30th January 2021)

EU SIM 1 Dortmund - Transinet Tampere - Ika Bohag

🌍 Meeting Location | Dortmund, Transinet
🕗 Meeting Time | 14:00 GMT
🚛 Preferred Trailer | Any
💻 TruckersMP Server | Simulation 1
🏴‍☠️ DLC's Required | All DLC's are required for this gathering.

We'll be completing the full route from Dortmund to Tampere in one sitting.

Everyone is welcome to join us on the road, bring a friend.
Please join our Discord Server to take part in the conversation.

This gathering will be streamed live on Twitch by various members, and you're more than welcome to do the same.

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