Skopelos Transport Event

Server Transport Event mannheim - Eurogoodies Amsterdam - Lkwlog

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First International Convoy for the Year -= 2021 =- fFrom The Company Skopelos Transport
Departure Location : Mannheim , Eurogoodies
Cargo : Coal
Destination Location : Amsterdam , LKW
Meeting Time: 17:00 UTC+2
Departure Time: 18:00 UTC+2
Server : Skopelos Transport Event (event server)
Distance : 1045Km (with 4 pins)

Please be on time in the parking lots to get started on time. In any parking lot, if you park, please be together as a company
The parking lots that are available and I would like to fill as a priority are as follows


2nd Priority : JOB OFFICE

3rd Priority : HOTEL


For the best conduct of this event I would ask all those who have parked in other places to come to the 3 parking lots that I have mentioned



Departure time is accurate !
Start for Amsterdam, (LKW) NO BREAK !!!! (Make sure you all have your tank full before you start the convoy)
As soon as we arrive in the destination city we will go to unload our cargo in the Company we have mentioned and we will go to the Daf Truck Dealer area for photos

-= General Rules =-

Do not block or mislead other participants.
No beacons (only Event Staff can use beacons)
Overtaking is prohibited.
Event Staff are allowed to overtake participants on the correct side of the road providing this is completed in a safe manner. In accordance with the rule below.
Event Staff overtaking the convoy cannot be performed by more than 2 members at a time.
Event Staff can drive the incorrect way where roads have a central reservation barrier ONLY. In accordance with the rule above.
All participants must use a trailer.
If you are known to cause lag, please remain at the back of the convoy.
Double/Triple trailers as well as those containing heavy cargo are prohibited.
Respect all participants and enjoy the convoy.
Convoy participants must only leave the starting location when instructed to do so in an orderly (one by one) manner.
Only TruckersMP staff are permitted to use cars. Other participants are not allowed to use pilot cars and must always drive in a truck!

*** Respect TruckersMp Rules


This convoy will be under the supervision of Members of the Greek Community for the best execution of it !!!!


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