EU SIM 2 Gdańsk Wrocław - Road Quarry

🔶Welcome to the Tango Transport Weekly Convoy 🔶

In europe this week as we head through poland and the wonderful sights and scenic landscape of poland so come join us for our weekly convoy coming the twists & turns only tango know best :)

Server : EU Sim 2
✪ Time : 19:00 GMT
✪ Date : 04/10/19
✪ DLC Required : Going East
✪ Starting location : Gdansk,WGCC
✪ End point : Wroclaw,Quarry
✪ Route images : https://imgur.com/gallery/b466kNF
✪ Discord : https://discord.gg/RDKqPSV

⚫ This convoy is brought to you by Tango CC Team
⚫ please allow all Tango members to leave first
⚫ please keep single file at all times

if you would like to join our discord to follow us through the convoy or just to join our community you are most welcome, then join the discord link above we look forward to seeing you there Monday :)

Want to join at Tango transport ? apply at our website at www.tangotransport.co.uk or join the discord link above .
🔶About Tango Transport 🔶

Tango have become one of the most active VTC's over the community we have grown to be a good friendly group always delivering convoys every week and attending and supporting other convoys and events throughout we have been going for 4 years and have come to be the people's VTC there is no other like tango :)

🔶Tango Convoy Rules 🔶
  ⦁ Please follow all CC instructions at all times our CC team are here to direct you the right 
  ⦁ NO foul language over CB radio at all.
  ⦁ This isn't a radio station so no advertising at our convoy.
  ⦁ Please follow TMP rules. 
  ⦁ only Lead/Tail & CC's only use beacons can everyone else please turn your beacons off .
  ⦁ Please come 10 minutes before the convoy starts we will leave on schedule.
  ⦁ Please make sure you come with a full tank of gas our convoys are usually only a hour long 
    so we won't be stopping during the convoy..
  ⦁ NO ramming or reckless driving 
  ⦁ Please always allow Tango Transport VTC leave first if you would like to request to leave 
    after then you may.
  ⦁ Be aware when attending our convoys we always record on our convoys if you are trolling 
     or ramming or reckless driving intentionally you will be recorded and reported.
  ⦁ Please come with a trailer always at every convoy.
  ⦁ Please keep a 50-100 m gap to the truck in-front to reduce cause of crash or incase of lag

Tango Transport Management Team

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