Tango Transport Weekly Convoy

Tango Transport Weekly Convoy Oslo Västerås

Welcome To The Tango Transport Weekly Convoy!

Below You Can Find All The Info You Need To Know About The Convoy.

The convoy Is on an event server Meaning you have to follow the temp rules below!

1. Only Supervisor Can Overtake! 

2. Free Roaming Is Not Allowed! 

3. Do Not Flash At Media! 

4. Listen To All Event Staff And Game Mod Instructions! 

5.  CC Can Block All Entry Points And Roads When required! 

6. Only Event Staff Can Have Beacons On! 

7. No Faking To Be Tango Event Staff! 

8. Event Staff Can Park Out Of bounds When needed! 

9. Advertising Is Not Allowed! 

10. No Triples , Heavy Hauls Are Allowed! 

Convoy Info 


Event  Server Opens: 5:00pm BST 

Convoy Departs: 19:00 BST 

Convoy Arrives: 20:30 BST 

Start Point: Oslo 

End Point: Vasteras

Route: https://imgur.com/a/rCGI3Uf 

We hope to see you there! 

Required DLCs: Scandinavia
Route #1

From Oslo
To Västerås

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