TEEGA Logistics Alps Convoy

EU SIM 2 Luxembourg Salzburg

Welcome to the TEEGA Logistics Alps Convoy Event Page on trucky.events!

TEEGA Logistics is a new Virtual Trucking Company that is open for Applications since the end of July. Our Mission is to form a friendly community where everyone is welcome.

Meetup: 17:30 BST
Departure: 17:45 BST
Estimated Arrival: 19:30 BST

At 17:45 BST, we will start the Convoy. Each Slot will be seperately told when to depart. Please always look at the chat whilst waiting and whilst driving. (Look out for Messages starting with "@TEEGA Convoy")


ITCC, Luxembourg

LkwLog, Luxembourg

Slots can be booked at the end of the page


Event Page on our Website | Discord

Route #1

From Luxembourg
To Salzburg

2 / 2
0 of 2 slots available

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