TEEGA Logistics November Convoy

EU SIM 2 Torino Zürich - Stokes

Welcome to the TEEGA Logistics November Convoy Event Page on trucky.events!

We’re back to present to you: Our 4th Convoy. This time, we’ll venture through the southern Parts of Europe. We’ll go from Turin, over Bern to Zürich

Date: 07/11/2020
Meetup: 18:30 UTC
Departure: 19:00 UTC
Estimated Arrival: 20:00 UTC

At 18:30 UTC (By the 7th of November, the clocks have changed to winter time), we will start the Convoy. Each Slot will be seperately told when to depart. Please always look at the chat whilst waiting and whilst driving. (Look out for Messages starting with “@TEEGA Convoy”)


Slots can be booked at the end of the page


Event Page on our Website | Discord

Route #1

From Torino
To Zürich - Stokes

9 / 9
0 of 9 slots available

Slot #1
[FC-CEO] DivineGift
Fast Cargo VTC

Slot #5
Prime Logistics

Slot #6
Berlin Euro Logistik

Slot #9
121 Transport

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