The Great UK Road Trip

EU SIM 2 Aberdeen Southampton

The Great UK Road Trip | Brought to you by Simulation Events

First, we would like to say that this is our first event and we would really appreciate you coming along. 
We would also like to say, as this is our first event, we will NOT be supporting any charities, his event is purely just for fun
We aren't holding a TruckFest with this event, but if you are attending, please park in an appropriate space with your VTC. You can also tag along if you aren’t in a VTC as well!

Event Information: 
Depart time: 18:00 GMT (Please be here at least 30 mins before the event is due to start)
Starting place: Aberdeen (Please refer to slot map for exact location)
Destination: Southampton 
DLC’s Required: None
Routes: ? (see below)

Route information 
We will be going through as many cities as possible without going back on ourselves. 
Route Screenshot:

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