Trucking4Charity 2020

Trucking4Charity 2020 Roscoff

❤ Trucking 4 Charity 2020 ❤

★ 23th May 2020 ★
★ Time: 11:00am ★
★ Event Server ★


Back last year (2019) with help from the trucking community we managed to raise a whopping £416.46. Amazing work for a new event but this year, we're back!!

Our aim this year is to do exactly what we did last year, but BIGGER! New Routes, New Features and a new charity to support! With our 12 hour event on TruckersMP this year, we will be trucking until early hours to raise awareness, money and support for another very important charity!

At the moment though, we would really love your support with getting our ETS2C Link to over 100 members confirmed to be attending our event so we can get an event server, just like last year! So, We'd appreciate it so much if you could share this link and the event around <3

Event Details & Info

★ Truckfest:
For all our truckfest information & to book your VTC a slot, head to

★ Routes:
Check out all 6 routes we have planned this year and the times & locations for them all too at


Event Rules

★ Strictly NO Advertising! This includes, but not limited to, Twitch Streams, VTC's, Communities!
★ NO Overtaking of the convoy!
★ If you have lag, you may be asked to move to the back of the convoy to reduce issues. Please do so if advised by Event Staff!
★ Follow all TMP rules found here: 
★ NO Heavy Haulage Trailers, Light small trailers are recommend!
★ NO impersonation of TMP and T4C Staff!
★ Keep a minimum of 60 meters from the truck in front!
★ Be ready for each route with no truck damage, fully rested and a full tank of fuel!


Special Thanks To

Axiel Gaming:

Stay up to date with all the latest information on our links below!



Route #2

From Lyon, Stein Bruch
To Amsterdam, Sea Port

Route #3

From Amsterdam, Sea Port
To Katowice, Stein Bruch

Route #4

From Katowice, Stein Bruch
To Liepaja, Sea Port

Route #5

From Travemunde, Sea Port
To Calais, Sea Port

Route #6

From Calais, Sea Port
To Roscoff, Sea Port

Route #1

From Roscoff, Sea Port
To Lyon, Stein Bruch

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