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Trucky Public Convoy

Trucky (The Virtual Trucker Companion App) with the help of GlobalCargo VTC are organizing their 4th Official Event. This will be the first one on ATS. 


Server: Trucky Public Convoy (Event Server)
Date: 10th April 2021
Server Online: 17:00 UTC
Meetup Time: 17:30 UTC
Start truckfest: 18:00 UTC
Departure Time: 19:00 UTC
DLC: Promods, Oregon, Washington
Start location: Kamloops
event server info:

Click here to see the times on your location


During the Truckfest, we will give away some amazing prizes for:

Most Attending VTC during the convoy - Idaho or Utah 
Best use of the parking slot (VTC) - Heavy Cargo and Forest Machinery 
Best Truck/Trailer combination (VTC) - Cabin Accessories, Wheel Tuning and Steering Creations Pack 
Best Truck/Trailer combination (Public) - Free choice
Best Trucky Inspired Skin (Public) - Free choice

All prizes are funded by Trucky.

Parking Spots

Click on Slots and booking, find a fitting parking slot, scroll to the bottom and select the parking slot you want to book.
You can only book a slot for 6 members attending or more.

If you request a parking slot as a VTC please ask your members to sign up for the event as well to get the event server.
got a question about a parking slot you can contact hjvg#4317

The public parking spots are at the Garage and the Repair station (F7)


We will start in Kamloops where we can all park up very nicely before we start driving.

The route will take us along the valley in between and over the Rocky and Coast mountains, to end up on the other side of the map. In Surrey, the convoy will come to an end, where there will be multiple locations to park.

The convoy control for this event will be done by Global CC. They will lead you from start to end over the route.

Click on Routes below to see the full route.

Event Rules

  • Event Staff can block junctions/intersections to keep the convoy on the right route.
  • Freeroaming is prohibited.
  • Event Staff are allowed to overtake participants on the correct side of the road providing this is completed in a safe manner. In accordance with the rule below.
  • Event Staff overtaking the convoy cannot be performed by more than 2 members at a time.
  • Event Staff can drive the incorrect way where roads have a central reservation barrier ONLY. In accordance with the rule above.
  • Every participant of the convoy is required to use a single trailer.
  • Double, HCT or triple trailer is prohibited.
  • All other official TruckersMP rules apply.

We are looking forward to the event, and we hope we will see a lot of you, making this one of the biggest ATS events within TruckersMP.

We are looking forward to it, are you?

Required DLCs: Oregon, Washington, Promods Canada
Route #1

From Kamloops
To Surrey

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23 / 25
2 of 25 slots available


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