TSR Summer Tour

EU SIM 2 Bergen - Drekkar Kristiansand - Bjork

TSR Summer Tour 2020 Is here!

2nd Convoy:

Date: 23 July
Server: Simulation 2
Meet Time: 17:45 UTC | 18:45 BST
Start Time: 18:00 UTC | 19:00 BST
Where: Bergen - Drekkar Trans
End: Kristiansand - Björk
Route: https://truckstopradio.co.uk/media/TSR_SummerTour2.png
Other Links:

Website: <https://truckstopradio.co.uk>

Discord: <https://discord.truckstopradio.co.uk>

Twitter: <https://twitter.com/TruckStop_Radio>
- TSR Event Team

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