WARP Convoys | May Convoy 2022

WARP Convoys - May Genoa

We invite you to join us on our March Edition of WARP Convoys. We'll be heading into the holy lands of Italy!

We're meeting up in the city of Genoa, home to the bridge event a number of years ago. We'll then be driving north towards Torino, before heading back south passing Parma, Bolagna, Florence and Livorno - all while taking in scenic views of the Italian hills. After a drive from Livorno to our end destination of Terni, we'll be parking up in ACC to end the convoy with some stunning photos.

We will be meeting up at 12:00 UTC, ready for a departure at 13:00 UTC.

TruckersMP Events: https://truckersmp.com/events/7788

Discord: https://discord.gg/2r4KhRh

We look forward to seeing you on the roads with us!

Required DLCs: Italia
Route #1

From Genoa
To Terni

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TeamAudi VTC

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Snail Transport

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Viva Trucking

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666 Logistics

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