Warsaw to Budapest

EU PM Warszawa Budapest - Nbfc

Time for another friendly convoy during the summer holiday. Everybody is welcome to join me on this tour through eastern parts of Europe on ProMods. Duration will be approx 1 hour. So if you want to join this convoy please press that button :-)


Meetup: 12:45 CEST / 11:45 BST / 10:45 UTC
Departure: 13:00 CEST / 12:00 BST / 11:00 UTC
Starting city: Warsaw, DHL
Destination: Budapest, NBFC
Route: 1155 KM / 717 Miles
Route Map: https://purrie.xyz/images/08-03/route.png
Route Map more detail: https://purrie.xyz/images/08-03/route-detail1.png https://purrie.xyz/images/08-03/route-detail2.png 
Meetup: https://purrie.xyz/images/08-03/warsaw-dhl.png
Destination: https://purrie.xyz/images/08-03/budapest-nbfc.png
Speed limit: Speed limit of the traffic signs
DLC: ProMods (All map DLC's required)
Server: EU, ProMods
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/BH7Vbh4

General information:

Please obey TruckersMP rules. And please join with truck & trailer. Everything is allowed as long as you are able to drive with it and keep up with the convoy.

Upon arrival in Budapest park your truck for photo's.

Hope to see you all!

Route #1

From Warsaw
To Budapest

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