Wednesday Public Convoy with Da Bears

EU SIM 1 Iasi Kaarfor Luga

Wednesday Public Convoy - 2 pm CST

★ Start: iasi Meeting kaarfor
★ Destination: Luga
★ Hauling: Ligh Loads only
★ Convoy Route Start:
★ Convoy Route End:
Speed: No faster than 90 km/h

Convoy Rules
*No pilots or bobtails (MUST have trailer).
*No passing unless slower trucks in front of you.
*PLEASE let us if you are passing.
*Follow TruckersMP Rules.

In The Bear's Den Discord:
*The Bear's Den discord is adults only.
*Be respectful of streamers in the voice channels.
*Keep it fun and positive.
*Do not raise voice upset at other drivers.
*Be respectful of all other VTC's.

What time is it for you?
(Date may be wrong but time is correct)

The Bears Den Discord:
Join the "Waiting Room" Channel and we will bring you in.

Follow TruckersMP Rules

How to use Speditor:

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