YuanMeng Summer joint transport activities

YuanMeng Summer joint transport activities Hanover

Celebration of the first anniversary of realizing the dream in 2021

The first anniversary of China dream team is at 7:00 UTC on August 22, 2021

China dream team Vocational Training Bureau invites participants to join our team to celebrate our first anniversary

The event will be held on August 22, 2021!

Information: meeting time: 12:00 (UTC) departure time: 12:30 (UTC)

DLC: no need

Origin 1: Hanover (quarry)

Origin 2: Mannheim

Server: Yuanmeng summer joint transport activities

Server: Europe

You must always comply with the active personnel fleet control instructions· Overtaking is not allowed·

Keep a distance of 70m-120m between trucks.

Narrow the gap in the team.

All other MP rules apply. In case of an accident

Long term players have to follow through.

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