It's not you, it's us. It is our policy to maintain a high quality service to our users. To ensure this and combat spam, only the most legitimate events are approved. So you will never see scammers and spammers posting events on our system.
When you create recurring convoys, you can create up to 5 at a time. All we do when you click the save button is create you 5 identical convoys with different start times (selected by you) that you can view in your profile dashboard. All you need to do then is alter the start and end locations. You must publish each convoy.
A Convoy is a single activity often planned by an individual, a streamer or a VTC on a weekly, monthly or one off basis. An Event is more complex, these are often used to mark major global or community events and are often organised in aid of charity.
Slot booking is used in the Truckfest section of an event or convoy. VTC's and other groups are able to book parking "slots" so they a re able to park together.
Event owners can now take applications for event staff, right through the event post!

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